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Work in Malta: Malta Work Permit & Visa Process

The Republic of Malta is a small island located directly below the Italian island of Sicily. It is a great country to work in one of Europe Country. It is one of the warmest and safest cities in Europe, and the official language is English, so foreigners from all over the world come to work here. If you also want to settle down in Europe, then the Malta Work Visa is the perfect choice for the Indian. The process of a Malta country work visa for Indians is also not hectic nor is it required IELTS. Living in this beautiful country is the dream of many people from around the world. After all, working in Malta provides various benefits to foreigners. You can assure your stay and work experience for one year and can be renewed for the duration of your work contract with the help of a Malta work visa.

Benefits Of Malta Work Visa

Malta might be a small city in Europe. But it provides several benefits to their workers in every field.

  • There are thousands of job openings in every field.
  • Basic English is required. No need for an IELTS Certificate.
  • An English-friendly country that is easy for Indians.
  • The cost of living is also low.
  • Only 40 working hours per week.
  • 25 Paid leaves per year
  • Women who can get 14 weeks of paid maternity leave can take an additional four weeks of unpaid leave.
  • Free to move and rumor around in the Schengen area.
  • Eligible for Citizenship in a few years
  • Health Insurance & Care benefits.

Required Documents For Malta Work Visa

Here is a list of documents that you need to apply for the Malta Work Visa. Bring all the listed documents for your Global Immigration consultation too.

  • A complete application form
  • A letter of motivation (Purpose of Malta Trip)
  • An original passport with blank paper
  • 2 passport photos (5cm x 5cm)
  • Document of Medical Insurance plan
  • An employment contract with Malta company in English
  • Proof of accommodation during the visit to Malta
  • Proof of fund during the visits of malta like bank statement or etc
  • A copy of the final education certificate

How To Get A Work Visa In Malta?

  1. Get A Job: As said above, to apply for the Melta Work Visa, you require an employment contract. So, you need to find a job first. Once you find a job, we will sign a contract. Parallelly, a long-term accommodation contract is also required. For the easy way, you can contact Global Immigration too. Collect all required documents.
  2. Application Form: After gathering all the required documents, now you can apply for the Malta Work Visa Application Form. You can get the application form from your local European or Malta Embassy or just ask the consultant company. Fill out the application carefully and correctly. When your application is done, submit it to the Embassy.
  3. Malta Work Visa Appointment: Embassy will schedule an interview. You can prepare for your interview with Global Immigration. Be resentable on the day of the Malta Work Visa Interview. You need to pay a visa fee if you didn’t pay at the time of application. You will be asked some basic questions by the embassy member.
  4. Wait For Visa Approval: In about 1-6 weeks, you can get a final call from the embassy. Just wait for your Malta work visa to be approved. You will get a message or call from the embassy.
  5. Enter Malta: After your application is approved by the Malta embassy. Verify all your required documents after reaching Malta.

Why Is Malta Good?

Malta is a city for youngsters. Malta is a prosperous island with a very low unemployment rate that excels in tourism as well as English teaching, online gaming, finance, and IT. Therefore, there are internship/job chances in the expanding online gaming business as well as in IT, phone support, and related fields. The Maltese government has established a number of internship programs for young people. The maximum amount of time spent working in a week cannot exceed 40 hours. Each year, employees are entitled to 25 days of vacation time as well as a number of legal breaks, including maternity and sick leaves.

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